Giant Anti-TRUMP Banner Seen from WHITE HOUSE

The environmental activist group GreenPeace have engaged in their next protesting act against the Trump presidency: a GIANT banner reading “RESIST” ontop of a 270ft crane in Washington – fully visible from the White House.

The giant sign reading “RESIST” is aimed directly at the White House.

The crane is only 2-3 blocks away from the White House, which President Donald Trump is in office today. The image further below is taken from the White House itself, showing just how visible the protest is to the President. The Press Corp within the West Wing also noted seeing the huge sign.

There are 7 activists engaged in the act, which has taken them about 2-3 hours to unravel the banner so far, facing harsh and cold winds. The streets below the crane, 15&L, have been shut down by police and are simply waiting for the protestors to climb down.

The vibrant sign photographed from the White House.


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