BREAKING: Shots Heard Outside Westminster Parliament

FIVE deaths and 20 injured, including some “catastrophic”, have been confirmed outside the British House of Commons after Scotland Yard confirmed a ‘firearms incident’ and a ‘terrorist attack’.

One police officer, who was stabbed multiple times by the attacker, an American tourist and a female have died, along with the attacker, named as Khalid Masood.

A vehicle, shown below, collided with multiple civilians along the pavement of Westminster Bridge, before the driver exited and stabbed a police officer on the grounds of Westminster Parliament.

House of Commons leader David Livington told MPs that a “police officer has been stabbed”, before adding that the Masood had been shot by armed officers on Parliamentary grounds.

Witnesses on the scene reported seeing Masood wielding a knife on the grounds of the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, London at approximately 2:42pm 22 March. Three loud shots were reported shortly after.

One female was pulled alive from the River Thames, with reports suggesting she had been hit by the attackers car and was thrown from the bridge. She suffered serious injuries.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, was confirmed to have been taken to safe location. Officials state she was inside the Houses of Parliament at the time of the attack.

The White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, confirmed that President Trump had been briefed on the attack.

The debate in Scottish Parliament about Scottish Independence had been cancelled, citing “respect for sister Parliament”.

The Metropolitan Police is requesting anyone who was on the scene to submit videos and photographs to THIS website.

Reuters released the following images of the aftermath. Warning: Graphic images depicting injuries. 

Next Generation Blogs has blurred some aspects of images, whereas Reuters did not.


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