BREAKING: North Korea Likely To Test NUKE This Saturday

BREAKING: Commercial satellite imagery released late Wednesday evening suggests North Korea is set for a nuclear test at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site as soon as this Saturday.

Reports suggest that North Korea will detonate the nuclear device this Saturday 15 April – the “Day of the Sun” celebration in the controversial communist state.

The revelation follows growing rumours that evacuation orders had been made in both the city of Pyongyang in North Korea and across South Korea due to “heightened tensions of thermonuclear war”. 

200 foreign journalists in North Korea were awoken at 4am local time, told to be ready for 6am, to leave their phones, and that they would witness a “big, important event”. They were also told that their current schedules were cancelled ahead of their Day of the Sun coverage.

The Spectator Index earlier broke that North Korea was positioning a nuclear device in a tunnel for a test detonation, however specific details were excluded – including time and location.

Satellite images taken on 2 April show increased activity at the North Korean nuclear test site.

It has since emerged, through images released via satellite, that the test site would likely be Punggye-ri, and that the detonation would be heavily broadcast through the state-run Korean Central Television (KCTV).

The latest in apparent nuclear chess-plays by Kim Jong-un seems to be in retaliation to increased military activity by President Donald Trump – who, earlier this week, launched a US Naval Strike Group to the Korean Peninsula. 

A statement by North Korea read: “the current grim situation” justifies “self-defensive and pre-emptive strike capabilities with the nuclear force at the core.”

Nuclear weapon experts are reassuring the public that, whilst the event would be significant in forwarding North Korea’s advancement of its nuclear programme, the test would pose no harm to America or Europe. 

Reports suggest the detonation would take place underground, in order to test the explosion itself and not the ballistics of a nuclear rocket. The scale of the detonation would likely be extensively recorded, with some reports suggesting the impact would be felt through tremors in South Korea and other neighbouring countries.


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