Celebrity Interviews

This is a page which contains all the ‘celebrity interviews’ I have personally conducted. So far, I have interviewed;

  • James C Burns, popular actor with the notable role of Sgt. Frank Woods in the Black Ops series.

For the James C Burns interview, click HERE.

  • Tressa Silguero, former ‘adult actress’ who escaped the porn industry and stars in the hit documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’.

Note: since this interview, Miss Silguero has deleted all online media and appears to be refusing all further media requests. This is her first, and only, official interview since the Netflix documentary and will likely remain that way indefinitely. This is by far my most exclusive interview, as it appears impossible for further interviews with Miss Silguero to be possible.

For the Tressa Silguero interview, click HERE.

  • Todd Ireland, who’s work has featured in a hit alumni including ‘TRON: Legacy’ and ‘2012’.

For the Todd Ireland interview, click HERE.

  • Cameron Rowe, the security/lock-cutter on the globally renowned programme ‘Storage Hunters’, AKA “Green Mile” as called by Sean Kelly. 6’9″ gentle, comedic-giant.

For the Cameron Rowe interview, click HERE.

  • Pete Gold, the voice of ‘Hoxton’ from the hugely popular game ‘Payday’.

For the Pete Gold interview, click HERE.

  • Thomas Lynskey, innovative mind behind the upcoming Titanic game, aiming to be extremely close to accurate portrayal.

For the Thomas Lynskey interview, click HERE.

More to come…

  • Jimmy Zielinski, the mastermind behind ‘Call of Duty Zombies’, arguably the biggest game-mode behind multiplayer itself!
  • Seamus Blackely, former agent with Creative Arts Agency who invented the plan for Xbox and assembled the team to make it.
  • Heidi Levine, arguably the world’s most prestigious ‘real life’ photographer, winner of IWMF 2015 Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award.
  • Officer Tommy Normanonline viral sensation best known for his friendly approach to local policing in America.

(Page is being updated, please come back for updated content shortly)


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